Our customers trust us because we only recommend moving to LibreOffice/OpenOffice if it is a good idea for their particular case.

When that is the situation we are able to provide all the support needed in a modular structure. You have everything you need, and only what you need, integrated into your existing structure.

In order to achieve this we have created a complete range of services to cover every phase of the transition process.


That is how we like to do things.


Feasability evaluation

To get started we must have a clear idea of what the current situation is. Technology, processes and human resources are the primary elements to analyze so that we can get make a precise evaluation of the feasibility and costs of the project. Our skills in ascertaining such viability have been honed in our more than 10 years of experience.

Microsoft License Assessment

We are able to evaluate any license purchase plan, from Enterprise Agreement to Open, in order to determine the most effective use of software by the users and to propose alternatives.
Often a simple optimization of the licenses and purchase plan leads to significant savings, even more so if it is correlated with the adoption of Open Source technologies.

Transition Planning

The transition process must be planned in detail and especially for each case, taking into account your infrastructure and your internal organizational structure. Our approach is focused on administering the change: planning the activities, training, support management, conversion services, internal communication plan, and reducing risks are the fundamental points we address in order to ensure a smooth transition.


Transition Support Services

Our ample experience includes projects for both Public Administration as well as the private sector, made up of a few hundred on up to thousands of workstations, all of which were totally managed by us or our consultants working from within the clients’ own structure.
These are the services we offer:

  • Project Management: Planning, Process management, Project communication strategies, Monitoring, Risk control.
  • Help and support: level 1, level 2, level 3, document conversion service
  • Traditional training:OpenOffice/LibreOffice with a combination of presential and elearning classes
  • On-line training:OpenOffice/LibreOffice Base, Differences from MS Office
  • Documentation: Creation of manuals, FAQ, video FAQ, Knowledge Base Management
  • Development: macro conversion, extension development, bugfixing, integrating new functions


Support handled by Collabora

Through our partnership with Collabora, VNS is also able to offer the LibreOffice suite from Collabora, which allows you to have high level support directly from one of LibreOffice’s primary contributors (with circa one third of the total commit activity).
An annual subscription to LibreOffice from Collabora guarantees a 3 year life cycle, extensive stability testing, differential patches for updates via software distribution, various kinds of entitlements for fixing bugs and the integration of new functions, all guaranteed under the SLA.



We promise to do our best to avoid using expressions such as “360 degrees”, “one of the top companies in the field”, and “solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs”.

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