Asset and facility management platform

CMDBuild® is a web application that can be fully configured by the user to shape and administer IT assets database (CMDB stands for “Configuration and Management Data Base”) and support the workflow management.

The system’s purpose is to facilitate the operators’ keeping the status of IT assets used under control, so that at any time they are aware of their composition, distribution, functional relationships and update modes over time.

CMDBuild® is a central management program that works with databases and external applications: automatic inventory, document management, word processing, directory services, email, monitoring systems, intranet portals, and other IT systems.

CMDBuild® is a flexible system that can be gradually and autonomously expanded by the user, which is based on the best practices defined by ITIL (IT Information Library) and is issued with an AGPL open source license.

CMDBuild® is maintained by Tecnotecaa company VNS has partnered with for retail sales.

When correctly configured and maintained CMDBuild®, is an application that provides the IT operators and directors with answers to the most frequent and widespread questions, such as:

•   How many IT resources do I have available

•   Where is an asset, who is using it and how is it being used

•   What is it part of and what is it made up of

•   When to the warranties and/or contracts expire

•   Do I have all the software licenses I need

•   What happened in the life cycle of an asset

•   What network devices is a certain asset connected to

•   What other assets would be impacted by a change

•   What activities are pending my intervention

•   Who worked on an asset, when, to what end and who authorized the work




CMDBuild® is a technologically advanced solution that is flexible and able to be customized in order to manage IT infrastructures:

•   advanced, because it is based on state of the art technological architecture, implemented with an Ajax user interface and which has been designed according to the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) guidelines in order to facilitate its interoperability with other systems used by the same organization.

•   flexible, because the system administrator can use a special configuration application to integrate new classes of objects and new kinds of relationships so that the application is constantly in tune with the changing data structure.

•   customizable, because as an open source system missing functions can be specially designed to fit your own organization (in fact the philosophy of Open Source is that each and every user can design their own contributions and make them available to everyone).

Some of the features that make the CMDBuild® project special include:

•   a complete and fully self configurablesystem

•   the correlation between information entities and process instances is highlighted

•   ITIL "compliant" processes can be configured

•   advanced interoperability mechanisms for working with external applications

•   generalized data synchronization system for automatic inventory applications

•   integrated document management system

•   reporting system to the that can be configured to fit your own interests

•   CAD and GIS map georeferencing  of the assets


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