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About us
With more than ten years experience
We know what we're doing

After a decade of change management for the switch to Open Source office suites, automation, productivity tools and messaging, we decided to forge our experience into a new endeavor: VNS
This company will offer complete and modular support to anyone who decides to adopt LibreOffice or OpenOffice.
We can provide you with all the indications to help you decide whether now is the time for you to carry out the migration, and then take you through the transition process and supply you with only those tools you will need for your own structure.

VNS has only just come into existence so you will not find existing references to the company.
However, you will find a team of people that have led the most important ODF adoption projects in Italy, and who have left their mark in this newborn field over the last ten years.


Experts since day one.

We promise to do our best to avoid using expressions such as “360 degrees”, “one of the top companies in the field”, and “solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs”.

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